These Mormon Missionaries Rap Their Way Into a Home…Video Goes Viral

We sat down with Benson Chidester, the missionary behind this video and asked him a few questions about his video that has gone viral. If you want to read the Q & A, it’s right below the video below.


Q: Where did you come up with the idea to do this?

The idea came from a couple “older” missionaries in the mission. They had rapped together and had good fun and some success with it. Getting the lyrics down took a couple days to memorize and get the flow down, it just came down to actually doing it in the streets, which is way different because you’re in front of people and you don’t want to mess up, but I figured The more fun I have with this the less nervous I’ll be.

My companion in the video with me Is elder Nelson Innis, he is from Australia. We were practicing finding methods one day in companionship study and I started to rehearse a rap and Elder innis started beatboxing and he was really good, so good in fact that I was startled. The other elders involved were Mitch Johansen from Utah and Sam Salatonga from Australia.

Where did you serve your mission?

I served in the England Leeds Mission, the best mission in the universe! It covers the beautiful northeast of England. I Just recently returned in January.

Did you see any results from this specific video from your specific mission? What about places outside of your mission?

There were many times that I saw rapping just break down the barriers people have when 2 random people stop them in the streets. There Is a particular family that recently joined the church that said my rap is what got them to be interested in the gospel. I’m glad I was able to use a talent to help others.

What are you currently doing? What are your future plans? What city do you currently live in?

I am living in the North Dallas area and working as a Practice Rep for a Local Chiropractor. I will be attending Byu Provo in the fall for school to continue my education in Health Administration.

What is your best advice to missionaries who are currently serving?

The best advice I could give to Current Missionaries is Be the Best YOU! Every single person is different, and we all have different talents and personalities. Using those talents and abilities to bless other people’s lives is the most rewarding thing that you can witness. You have no idea how much you can affect someone else’s life by being kind, Telling a joke, even rapping.

What was the best part of your mission?

The best part of my mission was seeing others experience the same thing that I had experienced when I came to gain a testimony of the gospel. Knowing that the Atonement was not only changing their lives but mine as well and it is forever changing lives because Christ lives!


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