Want to literally write history? Come join us along with Family Search to make it happen

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So if you don’t know, Family Search is holding a #‎TheWorldsRecords‬ Worldwide Indexing Event on July 15-17. This is going to be a super fun event that everyone can take part of. We will be posting more on LDS S.M.I.L.E. about it as it approaches as well as having you join us live as we hold our own indexing party at our home. In short, our goal is to get over 72,000 people from around the world to join in during this event to

Devin Ashby, who is the Indexing Workforce Development Manager for Family Share talked about the scope of the work that they are doing.

FamilySearch.com is the most public-facing website of the church to the world. It has over 5 billion names and caters to genealogists, hobbyists, authors, professional researchers and those who just want to dabble in it.

If you don’t have any clue what indexing is you can find out more about it here. Simply put indexing is just a way for us to efficiently find and search for historical images and documents.

For members of the church, indexing helps us connect with our ancestors and helps us gather the information for us to do their temple work.

temple work and family history


If you think this is something only for the old people, you are wrong.  First, I’m doing this work and I don’t like to think of myself as being old.  Second, Elder Cook has talked about the role that young people have in doing family history and temple work.meme-cook-youth-1322029-gallery


Having fun with indexing

Indexing by yourself is lame. Ok, it’s not lame but it would be so much more fun with friends and family. That’s what we are going to be doing on July 15th, we are going to be hosting a live “indexing” party at our house. Why don’t you get a few people in your neighborhood and have your own “indexing” party? When I was talking to Devin about the best way for people to learn how to index he said by finding someone who knows how to index. Many stakes within the US have an Indexing Director who can help or just ask your bishop of someone who knows their stuff in the ward.

Then invite them over and bring the chips, drinks and whatever other Pinterest creation you would like to make for the party and have a blast with it. If you want us to notify you when we do our live party, just click here and we’ll send you a text message reminding you of the event.


From July 15-17, FamilySearch International will sponsor the third annual “Worldwide Indexing Event,” bringing 72,000 people from around the globe together online during a 72-hour event to save the world’s records by making them searchable to the public.

During the 72-hour indexing period, volunteers participate by downloading the FamilySearch software and completing as many names as they would like. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can join.

Volunteers have made over one billion historic records searchable online since FamilySearch introduced online indexing in 2008. The demand for indexed records continues to grow as millions of historical records worldwide are added every year.

To join 72,000 teammates in saving the World’s records, visit https://familysearch.org/worldsrecords.

FamilySearch International is the largest genealogy organization in the world. It is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. FamilySearch and its predecessors have been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide for over 100 years. Patrons may access FamilySearch services and resources free online at FamilySearch.org or through over 4,921 family history centers in 129 countries.

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