You women are fantastic at giving each other compliments. I hear it all the time at the office and in my classrooms. It is not uncommon at all to hear remarks such as:

“Cute shoes!”

“I love your new haircut!”

“You’ve lost weight haven’t you? You look great!”

There really is nothing quite like a sweet and genuine compliment to help brighten your day! No matter our age or gender, I believe we all enjoy receiving compliments of all kinds (including kind words about our appearance).

If Not From You, Then From Who?

However, if we men fail in complimenting our wives, unacceptable as this may be, you women generally still receive frequent compliments from the women in your lives (friends, colleagues, even strangers).

Did you know that we men crave genuine compliments just like you women do?  If, however, your husband is not hearing complements from you (especially compliments about his looks), he may not be hearing these from anyone else.

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