When Shawn Bradley played in the NBA, he was constantly faced with decisions that challenged his faith and his resolve to make the right choices.

One particular night the owner of the team called him up and said that there was a mandatory team meeting, players only. They had planned a dinner but Bradley just wasn’t comfortable with the name of the restaurant. Bradley asked about the restaurant and asked if it was a strip club. They told him that yes, it’s a strip club but it’s the only place that we could find to meet tonight.

Bradley responded:

Guys, you understand I will not go there…it’s outside of my value system that I’m just not willing to do.

They told him that it was a mandatory meeting and if he didn’t attend it, it would be a $10,000 fine. He reiterated that it was against his beliefs and he would not compromise on those beliefs and “if you have to fine me, you’ll have to fine me.”

Bradley understood that the environment which they were going to be meeting was just not going to be conducive to anything other than temptations and naked women and stood his ground understanding that he had to draw a line as to what he was willing to cross and more importantly, having the courage not to cross that line once he was presented with that option.

If you want to watch the entire 30 for 30 short that ESPN did on Shawn Bradley, you can watch it below.