LDS Vloggers The Wilky Ways, Talk About 5 Easy Ways For Families to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

Watch their video below of them showing the world what they do on #Hisday

the wilky ways


This Sunday was one of the most wonderful days we’ve ever had as a family! Why? Because we decided to keep the Sabbath Day holy. We were so blessed because we decided to put Him first on His Day.

There were 5 simple things we did as a family to keep the Sabbath Day holy and “make it a delight”.

1. We went to Church

We made sure that our young kids had snacks, coloring books and quiet toys and that we had an open heart and a willing mind to receive the inspiration and edification that comes from attending our Church meetings.

2. We spent time with family

We had family over for dinner and dessert and we spent time playing games and catching up. We sent messages to connect with family members who live further away.

3. We listened to uplifting music

We love music! But we made sure that we listened to music that brought us closer to God, was reverent and respectful, and inspired us to do good things.

4. We spent time in nature

God created this beautiful earth for us to enjoy! We went for a walk as a family and we stopped to appreciate the wildlife, the weather and the beautiful blooming spring flowers.

5. We did kind things for others

We made plenty of dessert so we decided to share some of our cookies with some friends who are about to have a baby. We tried to leave it slyly on their doorstep but they caught us! We had fun serving them and doing something kind for our fellow men.

We all noticed that there was an added measure of the Spirit in our home, that we felt rested and ready for the week ahead and we felt of God’s love as we kept His Day holy. This will be the first of many sacred and special Sundays to come.

The Wilky Ways are British daily family vloggers from the UK! We vlog every single day: the good bits, the bad bits and absolutely everything else from challenges to Q&As, holidays to life-changing moments. We love to bake, cook, play, travel and spend time together as a family!

The Wilky Ways are Ethan (25), Joanna (22), Leo (2) and Noah (0) a family of 4 and we love having fun and going on adventures.


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