The Death of One of our Most Cherished Marital Beliefs


Some of you won’t like what I have to say here. In fact, if you consider yourself “a romantic”, this article might initially anger you. But, please read the entire article prior to chiding me with your remarks in the comment section! Honestly, understanding this concept can save marriages!

The Myth of the “Soul Mate”
The “soul mate myth” is a well beloved myth indeed. Those that hold this expectation generally believe that there is one, and only one, right person to marry – their soul mate.

The idea of a soul mate is quite a romantic notion and has been the plot of countless cherished books and movies. But, please pay attention to me – this myth is incredibly dangerous. Let me explain! 

Dangers Caused by the “Soul Mate” Myth
There is one major hazard for those who prescribe to this myth. Those who assume that marital bliss is a result of finding their one “soul mate” dangerously shift responsibility away from improving themselves or nurturing their marriage.

In other words, rather than working hard on our own individual improvement and working equally hard at nurturing our marriage, we can be tempted to assign all the blame to the spouse.

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