The First Book of Nephi Summed up with Gifs

Most Latter Day Saints are familiar with the Book of Mormon and more specifically the Book of Nephi. However, for those new to the faith and those who are just coming in contact with our religion for the first time, the Book of Mormon can be a little confusing with its language and story line (mainly because they’re not stories that are commonly told throughout the general population like Moses and Noah). So we decided that we would provide a summary of the various parts of the Book of Mormon in an entertaining but hopefully educational way for those who are unfamiliar with these stories. So without any further ado here is the summary of the Book of Nephi.

The book of Nephi starts off with a family. The father and prophet is named Lehi and he is married to Sariah. They have six sons that are mentioned Laman, Lemuel, Sam, Nephi, Jacob and Joseph. Nephi does mention that he has sisters but their names and birth order are not known.

The Lord warns Lehi that wicked individuals are wanting to

The first book of nephi summed up with Gifs

because he keeps on telling them the truth about their wickedness. So his family takes a journey into the wilderness until they realize that they need to get the “brass plates” or the record of the Jews. So Lehi asks his sons to go back to Jerusalem to get the plates and the entire time Laman and Lemuel were like

The first book of nephi summed up with Gifs

and Nephi was like

The first book of nephi summed up with Gifs

They go to get the plates and Laman asks Laban (who is the bad dude that has the plates) if they can have the plates and Laban’s like

The first book of nephi summed up with Gifs

and Laman’s like

The first book of nephi summed up with Gifs

They go up a second time, offering all of their gold and silver from their house that they had left and Laban’s still like

The first book of nephi summed up with Gifs

and they’re like

The first book of nephi summed up with Gifs

Laman and Lemuel were angry with Nephi and starting hitting him with a rod. But then an angel of the Lord appeared and said

the first book of nephi summarized with gifs

So they did but they were still complaining as they didn’t know how to go about getting the plates.

They go up again and this time Nephi finds Laban completely drunk. He is prompted by the Spirit to kill Laban as it is better for one man to die than an entire nation dwindle in unbelief. They take the plates, convince Zoram (who is a servant of Laban) to come with them and head back to the wilderness. When they get back, Lehi and Sariah were like

The First Book of Nephi Summed up with Gifs

and started praising the Lord for the safe return of her children. The Lord comes back to Lehi and tells him that they need to go back to Jerusalem and pick up Ishmael and his family to bring them along as well. So now they are all in the wilderness and Lehi has his famous (at least within the church) vision of the Tree of Life. In this vision, Lehi sees a tree that had fruit that was desirable and he wanted his family to have some as well. He looks and well basically Laman and Lamuel go into this “great and spacious building” basically meaning that they are feeling like

the first book of nephi summed up with gifs

and Nephi, Sariah and Sam partake of the fruit. He sees a lot of people starting on the path to this tree but they soon run into a “mist of darkness.” Those who were not holding onto the “Iron Rod” which led to the tree ended up being lost in this mist.

So as they continue to go through the wilderness, Nephi continues to receive multiple visions. Lehi’s sons marry the daughters of Ishmael and they find a spiritual compass called the “Liahona” that tells them where to go so long as they follow the commandments of God.

Nephi is commanded to build a ship and his brothers Laman and Lemuel doubted that he could do it but Nephi knew that he could. So basically it’s summed up as

seJthe first book of nephi summed up with gifs

Jacob and Joseph are born (sons of Lehi) and they go into the sea. The sons of Ishmael and their wives join in rebellion against Nephi and they bind him up and as they do a terrible tempest came

crashing of gif

and they were like

the first book of nephi summed up with gifs

and the sea becomes still again. They continue to journey until they eventually reach the “promised land” here in the Americas.

If you liked this summation, you’ll love the many doctrines actually taught in 1 Nephi. Definitely worth the read. 🙂


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  1. Not bad. However if you read in 1Nephi 2:5 they had traveled to the Red Sea from Jerusalem which is approximately 180 miles. They then traveled 3 more days. They had actually traveled 12-14 days before they went back to Jerusalem. This information can be found in the a Book of Mormon Institute Manual for teachers.

  2. Enjoyable! You might add a brief line to the effect of “but remember, there’s more to these chapters than the storyline. The doctrine is worth studying too.” I look forward to seeing 2 Nephi.

  3. one of the gifs you used is actually flipping the guy off, that movie is really innapropriate for a “LDS site”

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