Five Minutes with Thomas S. Monson


I remember as a child, my favorite part of General Conference was always listening to the words of our prophet. All conference talks are beautiful and incredibly inspired, but there’s nothing quite as soothing to the soul as listening to the voice of our prophet. As I child, I remember hearing twenty, sometimes thirty, minute addresses from Thomas S. Monson.

It was such a blessing to hear from him at this previous General Conference. He spoke briefly during the Priesthood session and he also addressed us in the Sunday Morning session. Both times, his addresses were short and straight to the point. But, just because they were short doesn’t mean they were lacking inspiration and wisdom in any way, shape, or form. He spoke for less than five minutes, but those five minutes, in my opinion, were the most pivotal five minutes of this conference.

To start, he announced four new temples in Harare, Zimbabwe; Quito, Ecuador; Belém, Brazil; and Lima, Peru. It was such a blessing to see how it seemed the world lit up a bit at the announcement of these four new temples. After this, he went on to talk about the choices we make and the decisions that impact our lives. He gave counsel to members about finding their faith and making good choices. He also talked about what a gift we have been given to repent when our decisions are not what they should be.

To close, he said this: “May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. As we contemplate the decisions we make in our lives each day, this or that; if we choose Christ, we will have made the correct choice.” This was absolutely one of the most inspired quotes of General Conference, and it was a blessing beyond compare to hear these words from our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson.

As I sat and listened to President Monson speak on Sunday, I couldn’t help but get emotional. Here is a man who has spent his whole life serving the Lord and serving the members of the church. As he spoke, he expressed nothing but love and concern for each and every person within the sound of his voice, even those who had just openly opposed him. Throughout his talk, his time as prophet, and even his life he has never faltered in his love for this gospel and for the members of this church.

In recent years, it’s been heartbreaking to see our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson growing older and seemingly more frail. Even when he barely has the energy to stand, he still stands and declares his love for the Savior Jesus Christ and His love for us. In no more than five minutes, Thomas Spencer Monson has once again given faith to those who are faltering. He inspired us, uplifted us, and edified us. His address was exactly what I, as well as millions of others, needed to hear.  I echo Elder Jeffrey R. Hollands words, “President, we love you, we thank you, we pray for you, and we sustain you.” President Monson, I know I am not alone in saying this, but I’m grateful for the five minutes you spoke to us.


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