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15 Replies to “BYU Students Make Hilarious Missionary Parody”

  1. This Mormon “Hello” video isn’t funny. It shows just how pointless, silly, and ultimately grotesque the entire concept of evangelizing really is. What kind of god requires salesmanship? If I don’t believe your sales pitch, I will be tortured in fire when I die. Why not just plant knowledge of (the correct) god in our brains at birth? How is this scheme even remotely moral?

    It isn’t moral. The concept of hell was invented by psychopaths to frighten children and terrify adults, intimidating masses of people into political conformity.

    Such attempts to conceal the ugly truth of christianity with this kind of cutesiness have always made me sick. The bible thumpers who, for centuries, have come right out and screamed the facts as presented by your “holy” books are far more honest. Convert or receive infinite torture. That’s the great truth of christianity.

    This junk isn’t fooling anyone over the age of six.

    1. Our Heavenly Father gave us agency to choose our beliefs, traditions, morals, etc. Forcing everyone to come to Christ was Satan’s plan, not Heavenly Father’s. Our missionaries dedicate two years of their lives to come make people aware about the Gospel, which is not a widely-known church yet, and give them the choice to join what we believe to be God’s church.

      We do not believe in traditional Hell, so your second comment is not accurate. 🙂 Please learn more at mormon.org before spewing nonsense on the internet.

      1. Matthew 13:49: The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace.

        That’s Jesus talking, not “tradition.”

        You say that you don’t believe in this vicious hell for one very good reason: you are a very good person. You have a moral code which is infinitely superior to your own bible. Good for you. Now you can stop calling yourself a christian and just be the same decent human being that you are right now.

        No one as good as you is in either of your holy books.

        1. I do not get why you come here. What is your point if you will just slam on everyone? You just are making yourself look stupid. Why do you even care? Its not you who is believing it. We can believe what we want okay? So stop making yourself look bad. Unless that’s what you want.

          1. I’m not slamming people, certainly not yourself. I’m slamming your magic books. The Old Testament was written by stupid savages, the New Testament was written by frightened cultists, and the Book of Mormon was written by a shameless confidence artist. You, M0RM0N, are certainly better than the sum of all that crap.

          2. Hi, I am very sorry if my English is not very well. It is not my mother tongue. I do not think we have ever claimed these books to be “magic”. We believe these books are filled with doctrine. Do you think anyone could actually write those if they didn’t experience it? It is not such as some fourteen year old boy thought “I wanna write a crazy book!” That would be absurd! I ask, have you ever read the Book of Mormon? or the Bible? Or Doctrine and Covenants? Or even attended a meeting for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Have you had an experience that is making you bitter? I would ask you to maybe back down a little. We may believe as we wish. There are many who dislike this religion. I would ask that next time before you go around spreading rumors as to what we believe, that you get your facts right. >>>> lds.org mormon.org

          3. Pam,

            I have not read all of your holy books, but I have read enough of them to understand one thing: they are barbaric. The ethical values that you and I share are not to be found in these bibles. The moral behaviors that you and I practice every day are not to be found in these bibles.

            And yet these books are supposed to be divinely inspired. They are supposed to represent the actual voice of god. That’s what I mean by “magic books”.

            I don’t like doctrines. I like laws which are based on reason, logic, and the greatest good for the most people. Doctrines are inflexible. We have lots of Democracy today because our laws are not based on doctrine. Our laws are based on political philosophy.

            I hate religions because they inevitably try to replace civil law with religious doctrine. Religions are forever dragging everything backwards.

          4. Mr. Conrad, I’m glad you’re happy with your beliefs. Please allow us the right to be happy with ours. In the end, we will all face the God who gave us all that right to choose for ourselves and find out the truth of all things. Meantime, let’s just enjoy the paths we’ve chosen without denigrating and belittling each other’s choice.

          5. Your religion says that when I die I will be tortured by your god. Your religion says that billions of people are being tortured by your god right now.
            How can you possibly be happy with this religion?

          6. Bravo! Your English is quite good, by the way, and your knowledge and testimony are strong and true.

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