Everyday MOMents: A Must Read For Every Mom Out There


Everyday MOMents

This book reminds me of the TV show “24” in the sense that each chapter goes through each hour of mom’s day. But that’s where the similarities end. Everyday MOMents is amazing and helped me better see as a husband (and it helped Kara better see as a mother), mother’s divine purpose here on Earth. This book is so great because it helps you understand and discover the symbolic insights of finding Christ throughout your daily routine.

One of things I appreciated most about this book (and a topic we’ve talked about a lot on this blog) is finding joy in the journey. In this book she specifically talking about motherhood but I think it’s such a powerful message that is illustrated so well in this book.

As is the case with most books that are worth reading, it’s not the text or message itself in the book that makes it so great. It’s the ability of the author to present a message or a situation that causes you to self-reflect on your own situation which then allows you to more deeply apply those principles and understandings in your life.

Jessica does an amazing job of this and delivers a fantastic book in Everyday MOMents. You can check out the other reviews and get the book on Amazon here.

Also get a free copy of her study guide for the book by clicking on the picture below.  🙂


*Disclaimer* We did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for this review.

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