Okay for girls to propose? Question 2 Results Surprised Us


Okay if girl proposes to guy questions—results

On the LDS SMILE Facebook page, we asked four questions about girls proposing to guys. The reactions to each question were tallied as of 6:50 AM MST, Monday, February 29.

Participation among the questions varied greatly, and there is likely some margin of error due to misunderstanding of instructions. No worries. Our bad.

The idea was to have each respondent use one of the now available Facebook reactions to answer each question with the reaction that best matched their own sentiment. So, it can’t be said with certainty that everyone responded as requested. Nevertheless, the results can be found below.

For the most part, reactions were in line with recent nationally conducted polls.

While the majority agree it’s okay for the girl to propose to the guy if she so chooses, of the girls who responded to Question 2, whether or not they would actually ask, most said no. That, too, is similar to the results of other polls. The surprise? Among those who responded, the results were much tighter than anticipated.

If anyone wants to react, comment, share or otherwise participate, please do. If there’s a significant shift in results, we’ll be sure to update you.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope you enjoyed the interaction as much as we did.


Who Proposed To Whom?

The guy—18


The girl—3

Guys: What would you say if your girlfriend proposed?

Answers weighted: 3 points for Love, 2 points for Like, 1 point for HaHa, -1 for Wow, -2 for Sad, -3 for Angry



LOL & Yes—1


Not yet—2


Total of yes responses—46

Total of no responses—9

Girls, would you propose to your boyfriend?

Answers weighted as above:


Why not?—50



But why?—22


Total of yes responses—67

Total of no responses—78

Is it okay for the girl to propose to the guy?

Answers weight as above:


Why not?—706



But why?—48


Total of yes responses—896

Total of no responses—131


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