Luck vs blessings



St. Patricks Day is just around the corner time to brush up on your potato making skills and getting that food green coloring out!

   four_leaf_clover_by_gniyuhs-d4n8ben                                                         Fun facts:

Irish oddly enough are not lucky!! *gasp* the only reason why they are lucky is because back in the gold rush they were the ones that found gold and silver here. However since the 1800’s they have had history of not being so lucky.

  There are 36.3 million people who claim themselves as Irish descendants.

    Lucky number 7: Reason for this the rainbow has 7 colors!! And lets not forget about the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!

   The 4 leaf clover shows faith, hope, love and luck. You may use this in a lesson at church! I never knew that the 4 leaf clover was known for that.

And lets not forget to wear GREEN!!!!!!

As for FHE ideas go let’s turn that little bit of luck to a little bit of blessings!! Luck just doesn’t happen. We all know that we have countless of blessings every where so on St. Patty’s day make a list of all of our wonderful *lucky* blessings that we have!!!!

       Four Leaf Clovers                     Four Leaf Clovers


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