Guys: What would you say if your girlfriend proposed?

Here’s the deal.

By all accounts, you’re in a pretty serious relationship. You’ve talked about many of the more important topics. You really like your girlfriend—you think you might even love her. But for whatever reason, you haven’t asked her to marry you yet.

Life goes on and then, out of nowhere, she proposes to you!

Of course it surprises you. You weren’t expecting her to make the next move, but now that’s she’s done it, a whole mix of emotions wash over you.

But which one wins out?

Take a look at the image above and then go back to the Facebook page and pick how you think you would react.

If you haven’t already, go to Question 1 on the LDS SMILE Facebook page and answer that question, too. Share with or tag others you know.

Girls: If you came here looking to participate, make sure you’ve responded to Question 1 and Question 2. You can certainly egg the guys on in the comments on the Facebook page.

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