Is it okay for the girl to propose to the guy?

You know a Leap Day is added every four years to balance out the calendar, but there’s something else about Leap Day you might not know.

In Ireland (and maybe elsewhere) it is traditional for women to ask men to marry them on Leap Day. The tradition was started centuries ago, but now it’s 2016, when many social norms have changed.

Surveys on the topic of women being the one to propose matrimony often say one thing, but what actually happens can be something entirely different.

So, what do you think about the idea of women proposing to their boyfriends? Not just on Leap Day, but anytime? Is it okay? Not okay?

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I’ll tally up the points from your responses and publish the results on the morning of Leap Day (Monday, February 29). This is question one of four, so be on the look out for the other questions, too.

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