15 High School Musical Memes that Mormons Understand All Too Well


If you were born any time between 1996 and 2000, odds are that High School Musical was a big part of your childhood. This is even more true if you’re from Utah.

  1. When your Sunday school teacher sends you to the library to get chalk Displaying IMG_2331.jpgDisplaying IMG_2331.jpgIMG_2331

2. When the young women try to support you in church ball 


3. When you try to convince all your friends to take early-morning seminary with you  


4. When they ask for a show of thanks after releasing your favorite young women/young mens leader 


5. When another ward’s performance is cooler than yours at Girls Camp 


6. The combined youth ward bake sale has all the girls feeling like this: 


7. Dancing with your crush at the stake dance is a million times better than this 


8. Before he leaves on his mission vs. when he comes back from his mission


9. We all have that one friend in our ward who tries to set everyone up with each other 


10. How to avoid being kissed at Midnight at the stake dance


11. Plans for the combined talent show night: 


12. When the first boy in your squad gets his mission call and you all lose your minds 


13. When you didn’t study AT ALL for your scripture mastery test 


14. Introducing your new girlfriend to your parents like this: 


15. My face while reading Isaiah



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