BYU-I Successfully Crossbreeds Corn Plant and Apricot Tree

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REXBURG, Idaho— In what botanists around the world are calling a “nice surprise,” a research team comprised of BYU-Idaho faculty and students announced in a press conference yesterday the creation of Prunus redenbacunae, a new species of apricot that produces delicious popping corn in lieu of its usual succulent fruit.

Jennifer Christensen, a senior studying horticulture and one of the project leaders, told reporters that she could vividly recall the moment she realized the experiment had been successful.

“I came into the lab very early one morning and looked out the observation window, and what did I see? Popcorn, popping on the apricot tree!” Christensen said.

Kevin Arnold, Horticulture department head and senior advisor to the project, told reporters that the he believed the fruit-vegetable hybrid would fill a previously-unoccupied niche in the culinary field.

“There are many applications for this new species of Prunus armeniaca,” Arnold said. “For instance, I could take an armful and make a treat. A popcorn ball, which as you can see, has a very sweet aroma. This is just one of the numerous uses I anticipate for this new foodstuff.”

Read the rest at the Rexburg Squirrel

*for those who haven’t realized it yet, this article is a satire piece*


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