The love between Sisters

This week my sister got sick with influenza, then a cold and now she has hives all over her body. She says its like one huge sunburn taking over her and she is itching all the time and she can not eat. However, during this difficult time my younger sisters have formed a bond that I can not describe other than service. My sisters are only a year and half apart and they fight and bicker at each other.

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     When I came home to visit on Saturday I saw my younger sister on top of the counter leaning her head back in the sink while my baby sister was washing her hair. I laughed because this never happens in my house. They both looked at me and said, “What?” I shake my head and said, “I knew you loved each other.” But inside I was feeling an overwhelming amount of love, joy, and service towards them. I am very proud of who they are becoming.


first observe then serve


Sister Linda Burton once gave a talk about service. “First observe than serve.” That is exactly what my sister Kallie showed. She saw that my sister Kayla needed help and she acted in a way that was needed. As we serve our fellow beings we will feel love and appreciation towards all man kind. My sisters are a great example of this talk. I am forever grateful for the love that we have as sisters and as a family.

I hope we can all continue to provide service like Sister Burton has shown us in this talk.

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