DIY monogram cups

To all those Moms out there who are looking for new ideas for FHE (Family Home Evening) look no more!! This activity is super cheap and really easy!!! And all you need are oil based pens, cups, and scrapbook stickers!! This DIY cost me about 15 dollars!



Cups: I found at target for 1.00

          Oil based Pens: Michaels (6.47) These are going to be your most expensive item; if you don’t already have one

          Scrapbook Stickers: 2.00

Step #1

First find your supplies. Once you have those supplies stick the letter you want in the middle of your cup. Make sure that your sticker is on there tight and no edges are coming up.

Step #2

Find the colors you want to place over your stickers. So, I picked Purple and Pink and I placed little tiny dots all over the letter I basically scattered my dots around the M. Then since I feel like spring time I placed a nice little flower on the side of the cup!




Step #3

Go to your oven and turn it to 350 and while your paint is drying on the cup make sure you didn’t smear any of the dots. Now, my oven is really really small so I only did it for 20 minutes. However, for those of you with regular size ovens I would do 30 minutes.

While waiting you can always decorate more mugs!!! Only 3 easy steps and your done!!!


Up above is what the finish product looks like!!! I am super happy with how my cup turned out! I didn’t want a lot of dots on my cup so I did scatter them around! You can always go on Pinterest and find ideas for decorating.

If you have any other ways on  how to decorate your mugs or different steps please leave a comment below!!!

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