Hilarious Mormon Memes and Reaction Gifs from the Super Bowl

How you imagine all of the girls are going to act when you get home from your mission


How you feel when you they don’t

You know you’re Mormon when you see this


But immediately think this

three things combined into one. Triple combination Mormon memes
Thanks to Kate Allen for this submission

When you already made your breakfast and your parents remind you that it’s Fast Sunday



 When your bishop tries to be cool with the youth


mission mormon meme super bowl 50

Hymn Chase

which hymn are you looking up? Mormon memes super bowl 50

When you are an adult usher at a stake dance and you are trying to fit in

When investigators first hear about the truth, gets pressured away but then decides to get baptized anyways

How we think we look at stake dances.

How we actually look dancing

Every Deacon saying a prayer before the Sacrament prayer that they won’t screw up

When your parents leave you in nursery for the first time

Ok, bye bye for now but check out our hilarious Super Bowl post from last year here.


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