President Uchtdorf + Harrison Ford + Gail Halvorsen = Awesomeness!

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Just When You Thought President Uchtdorf Couldn’t Get Any Cooler


He goes and meets Harrison Ford and a legend in the aviation world, Colonel Gail Halvorsen, who was featured in the movie “Meet the Mormons”.

President Ucthdorf talked about the experience:

“Last weekend Living Legends of Aviation honored our dear friend Colonel Gail Halvorsen for his lifelong positive impact on children. It was my honor to present him with the Kitty Hawk Children’s Award. May we each find opportunities to serve and bless the lives of God’s children as Brother Halvorsen has.

Later that evening, I was privileged to be in a photo with Brother Halvorsen and Harrison Ford. Our 95-year-old Candy Bomber looked almost the youngest between the Millennium Falcon pilot and me—a former airline captain.”

Adding “Hans Solo” to the list of “Spiderman” and other world famous fictional characters is just another day in the park for President Ucthdorf.


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