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The Gift Giver

The Gift Giver is an origin book unlike any other that I have read. It is an origin story of Santa that is deeply intertwined in faith, God and Jesus Christ. Our younger children love the illustrations that you can see from the Youtube Trailer below and our oldest loves the story because it aligns with the teachings of what we preach at home.

The book is about a young boy who runs into Santa at night on Christmas Eve. He asks about why he hadn’t received more gifts underneath the tree because he had been so good all year long. Well that starts a tale of Santa, his upbringing and an origin story unlike any other I have heard.

The best message of the book is the reasoning behind the gifts that Santa brings to people whether or not they believe in Santa and the symbolic nature of God sending His Gift, of Jesus Christ to His children, regardless of whether they believe or not.

This book is a book that brings a story to life for the younger children that you would read to but yet such a powerful message, that adults will see and feel the power and spirit of the book and God’s love for His children. A sign of a great story is one that causes you to reflect and think of the messages of the book, long after you have read it and The Gift Giver does precisely that.

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I can’t recommend this book enough!! We bought this book on the weekend. I will admit that the illustrations first caught my eye, they are beautiful! When I read it, I cried! The book brings you the story of how Santa came to be. However it goes deeper than that. The moment I read this book I wanted to share it with everyone! Also I knew that it would become a part of our family’s Christmas tradition. It is a book that has to be shared. Our kids are older and they loved the book. I look forward to someday reading this book to my grandkids! I am not related in any way to the writers of this book. I am simply someone that is so happy to have found this book and I believe that if enough people hear about it, it will become a beloved classic! Bryce K. Hardage

A heartfelt and sincere story that touches the emotions of the soul. I bought it for my children but I immediately became captured by it’s storyline. I found that I couldn’t put it down. I began telling friends and family about it. It is not only a story of sincerity and love but of dream and wonderment that brought me back to my childhood. My children love it and enjoy hearing it over and over. It will now be our family tradition to gather together and read this tremendous story over the generations to come. Truly Inspiring! Thank you for this great gift.

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