9 Free LDS Apps & Games You Have to Check Out


Sometimes we get asked what some of our favorite apps and games that are LDS related are and so we’ve decided to compile a list for everyone to take a look at.  The best part of these games that they are free so if you don’t like them, you can always delete them.  But they are highly rated and I don’t think that’s going to be an issue and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them in your homes as you use them.

Without any further delay.

LDS Memory

*this link is an affiliate link, as are all the rest*
LDS Memory


Scripture Hero

Scripture hero

LDS Hangman


Lehi’s Escape

lehis escape

Noah’s Ark Coloring Book

noah's ark

Who Wants to Be a Missionary


LDS Heads Up

LDS Heads Up

LDS Scripture Mastery

lds Scripture mastery

Fluent Worlds

fluent worlds

This app was created by an LDS entrepreneur that has received a ton of praise for helping individuals around the world learn English in a 3-D environment.  It’s an amazing app with super immersive experiences.

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