Why You Should Stay at Twelve Springs When You go to Disneyland

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Back last year our family decided we wanted to go on a trip to Disneyland during the Halloween season of this year. So we spent the last year planning and getting so excited to go. It was really special because this year my side of the family was going to come with us! We had Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncles, and lots of cousins! There were 16 of us total.


Twelve Springs - Disneyland Vacation Stay (3)

Amazing kitchen with ample space to prep food.

Usually in the past we normally just get a hotel and call it good. But we had some friends over at Six Sisters Stuff tell us about Twelve Springs. It is a group of homes that you can rent for your stay and be in a home that is just a 5 minute drive to Disneyland. We loved this idea because then all 16 of us could stay in the same home and not be spread across different hotel rooms and have all of the convenience of a home.

As we checked out their website, it was so fun to look at the different homes they offer and all the different options they have available. They have homes that work great for single families as well as larger groups like ours and everything in between!

We decided to pick the Oshkosh home which worked out perfectly for our family. It had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms plus a large game room, dining room, living room, and a beautiful kitchen. We booked our stay online and were ready to go! The booking process is super easy and they are very responsive, should any problems arise.

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Comfortable couches in the living room, opening up to the pool


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the time had come for us to make our trip to Disneyland.  We drove out to California and found our house in a cute little neighborhood. It was so different then a hotel. There was no traffic and my favorite part was not having to wait in the car with all the anxious kids for 15 minutes while John checked us into the hotel. We just pulled up, punched in the code on the lock and walked right in!

Everyone walked around and explored the house. The kids picked a room that had two sets of bunk beds in it. It was dubbed the “cousin’s room”!  There were 4 other nice bedrooms for the adults to choose from. We were all so excited when we found the game room! There was a ping pong table, foosball table, and ski ball table. There was also a couch and large TV along with several board games to choose from. I personally loved the game room the best because all the kids (and husbands) were entertained in a separate room from the living space. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we then checked out the backyard to see a large private swimming pool! The water was a great temperature and there was a big bucket of pool toys! After a long day of driving it was so fun to let the kids go jump in and have fun!

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Super fun game room with TV, foosball, shuffleboard and ping pong table.

As a mom on a budget I loved having a full kitchen for our week long stay. Food at Disneyland costs an arm and a leg! I was able to run over to the grocery store and load up on homemade lunches and tons of snacks for the whole week and just keep them in the kitchen. Something that would never have worked in a hotel. Each day we just loaded up our cooler and ended up saving tons of money at Disneyland. On the nights that we weren’t at Disneyland we were able to make dinner at the house instead of eating out. (Which don’t get me wrong, I love to eat out but after a couple days it’s so nice to have a home cooked meal!) I don’t think I could ever spend a week in a hotel after experiencing the benefits of staying in a home.

John’s favorite part was the spa bath we had in our bathroom. After a long day of walking around Disneyland, it felt so good to relax in a hot spa. And I was surprised at how comfortable the beds were.

This all being said, I think the absolute best part of staying here versus at hotel, was how comfortable the kids were in their room.  No squishing against each other on a same bed or having to sleep in their sleeping bags on the floor, they were able to relax in a super cute room that allowed them to have a great night sleep.  We saw a noticeable difference in our kids in their energy and reduced crankiness at Disneyland.  We believe a lot of this had to do with staying in a place that provided the comfort of being in a house, versus a cramped hotel room. We are so happy with our decision to stay at 12 Springs during our stay and there’s no doubt that we are definitely going to come back here when we come to Disneyland again.

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Whether you are going as a large family, or just a group of college friends, staying at one of the Twelve Springs properties can save you money and provide all of the comforts of a home.

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Here are some photos of our stay at Twelve Springs.  We are going to be writing up more about our trip to Disneyland later next week on some amazing tips we’ve learned and how to make your Disneyland trip even better.


The “Cousin Room”.  This was a perfect place for all of the kids to sleep in.

Twelve Springs - Disneyland Vacation Stay (2)




The Kitchen.  Ample room for prepping and getting everything ready for such a large group as ours.

Twelve Springs - Disneyland Vacation Stay (3)


Such an amazing pool!  Absolutely loved it!

Twelve Springs - Disneyland Vacation Stay (5)





This is the main bathroom and as you can tell is well updated and super clean.

Twelve Springs - Disneyland Vacation Stay (7)


One of the bedrooms that came with a crib and a basket of toys for our niece.




More photos of the playroom

Twelve Springs - Disneyland Vacation Stay (13)








A separate room off the living room to play board games or watch something else other than what’s on in the living room.

Twelve Springs - Disneyland Vacation Stay (15)





A perfect place to chillax as a fam!



Again, if you are heading to the Disney area as single/extended family or just a group of college kids and need a place that will help you save a ton of money at Disneyland, make sure to book of the Twelve Springs’ Properties.

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