Crazy Home Teaching Questions That Were Asked in 1857.


In the early years of the Church in the Salt Lake Valley, a “home missionary” program was started to help motivate the Saints, who were becoming increasingly apathetic in their faith. After attempts to persuade and plead with the members failed, Church leaders called “teachers” to visit homes to help stir members to repentance. Here are some questions that you might have been asked by these early “home teachers,” had you lived then. Can you imagine if home teachers brought this list along to each monthly visit today?

1. Have you committed murder by shedding innocent blood, or consenting thereto?

2. Have you cut hay where you had no right to, or turned your animals into another person’s grain or field, without his knowledge and consent?

3. Have you borrowed anything that you have not returned, or paid for?

4. Have you coveted anything not your own?

5. Have you taken another’s horse or mule from the range and rode it, without the owner’s consent?

6. Do you wash your body and have your family do so, as often as health and cleanliness require and circumstances will permit?


Read the entire list of questions at LDS

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