How Living the Gospel Enhances My Sexuality and Spirituality

How Living the Gospel Enhances My Sexuality and Spirituality


Sexuality. I know it’s a word that we don’t address head-on in Mormon culture that often, but I’ve found it to be a central part of fully understanding and living the gospel.

News agencies, bloggers, and other social media influencers love to publish stories about “The Mormons” and their rigid rules that have led to an epidemic of sexually repressed zealots.

Though trendy, this stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. In my personal life, I’ve found that striving to live the gospel to the fullest has only increased my sexuality, while also building my feelings of self-confidence and worth.

What I finally learned.

I realized that sexuality and spirituality are not opposing forces. Sexuality is not something that needs to be stamped out of us or hidden in embarrassment. It is an exquisite, sacred thing—something that enhances our spirituality if we treat it with the proper respect and reverence.

So, with this newfound, deeper perspective, is it still hard staying sexually pure? Absolutely! But everything worthwhile in life requires patience and work. That’s what adds to its value—what we’re willing to pay for it. And now I know that what I can gain is so much more valuable than any temporary or sensual pleasure.

My sexuality has not been misguided, repressed, or stifled by Mormonism or the gospel truths I have learned. In reality, my spirituality and my sexuality have both grown equally and side by side as I’ve learned more about the divinity and the potential within me.

And here are just a few simple ways that I’ve found living the gospel benefits my sexuality.

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