12 Common But Slightly Annoying Habits That Mormons Have

    1. If you have served a mission – you constantly talk about your mission ad nauseam.


    1. Referencing General Authorities to rationalize bad habits. And when I say General Authorities, I mean J. Golden Kimball and I when I say bad habits, I mean swearing.

    1. Use “Mormon Standard Time” as an excuse for being late. Seriously…there is no such thing as “Mormon Standard Time”, just get your act together and be on time.

    1. Constantly misusing the phrase “In the name of thy son, Jesus Christ Amen” when ending a talk or a testimony. If it’s not in a prayer, most likely you are using it wrong.

    1. Thanking every single person in your life while bearing your testimony during testimony meeting. While it’s appreciated, this isn’t the Ocars folks. Thank them in person.

    1. Swears right before the Sacrament Prayer because you tripped as you were kneeling down and slammed your head on the microphone. Oh wait…nope that was a one time thing…

    1. Have a scripture reference for every problem you may ever face. While it’s a good thing…occasionally we just want someone to just listen and to understand. See “It’s Not About the Nail”

    1. Constantly asking single individuals when they are going to get married.


    1. Constantly asking newly married couples when they are going to have kids.

    1. “Unofficially” claiming a particular pew in the chapel.how-to-save-a-seat-in-church 

  1. Snacking before the prayer has been said.B_XfsHFWAAEtFww 
  2. Talking about food on Fast Sundaytalking about food on fast sunday
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