The Best Reactions, Memes and Vines of the BYU/Nebraska Game

So the BYU Hail Mary play has been all over the news and social media. It’s been crazy and for the BYU faithful, it’s a game that they’ll never forget and one that they keep on replaying in their minds. So we have collected some of the best memes, reactions, and play by play calls both from the Husker side of the ball and BYU’s. So for those BYU faithful, here are some of the very best we could collect from this past weekend.


The paper in Nebraska

stomach punch


nebraska fans

This guy!

mitch mathews

Being stuck underneath the dog pile after losing on a last second Hail Mary





The Hug Seen Around the World

The hug seen around the world




hail mary



When you finally see the value of having played “500” as a kid.


That Moment…

that moment nebraska home opener



And then you have the different fan reactions from around the world


And this incredibly excited dude!


Quite possibly the quietest celebrations out there (their 1 year old niece had just fallen asleep)


Mitch Matthew reacts to being named ESPN’s #1 play on #SCTOP10 with Tanner Magnum



The call from the Nebraska Husker’s Radio Call


The call from Greg Wrubell


And of course you would have to include this Vine…

But a bittersweet moment when you find out that Taysom Hill is out for the season


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