Answers to the Quiz: How Well Do You Know Church History?

Question #1: Where did Joseph Smith live when he received the First Vision?

Palmrya, New York


The Smith family lived on a farm near Palmyra, New York and it was while living there where he was to the Sacred Grove to pray.

Question #2: Who is the only woman recorded to have seen the plates and Moroni?

Mary Whitmer

One day, as she headed to the barn, a man appeared to her and showed her the gold plates, as compensation for her burden and sacrifice for the work of the Lord. Later, Joseph told her that the man was Moroni. Emma was disappointed when she heard this, but she was given a special revelation, which is now section 25 of the Doctrine and Covenants. She was also allowed to feel the plates beneath a cloth.

Question #3: Who mortgaged their farm to help pay for the printing of the Book of Mormon?

Martin Harris

Martin Harris mortgaged his farm and put up the money to reassure the printer.

Question #4: Who was called as the first Young Women General President in 1880?

Anstis Taylor

Taylor served in several church callings over the years, highlighted by her call as the first Young Women general president in 1880. She held this position until she died in 1904 at age 74.

Question #5: Besides Kirtland, Ohio, the Saints also gathered in what other place?

Independence, Missouri

In addition to Kirtland, Ohio, the Saints also established a city in Independence, Missouri.

Question #6: Were the Saints Successful in Regaining the Land During Zion’s Camp?


Although the saints were not successful in regaining the land, Zion’s Camp became a literal proving ground for future leaders of the church.

Question #7: Who Was The First Bishop In Kirtland, Ohio?

Newel Whitney

If you paid attention to the photo provided, it gave quite the hint of what the answer was.  🙂  Newel K Whitney was called as the Presiding Bishop on June 6, 1847

Question #8: Who were the first two females to be set apart as proselytizing missionaries in 1898?

Amanda Inez Knight and Lucy Jane Brimhall

Amanda Inez Knight and Lucy Jane Brimhall were set apart as the first single female proselytizing missionaries in LDS Church history on April 1, 1898 in large part of the work of Elizabeth Ann Claridge McCune in helping dispell myths about the church and its members.

Question #9: Who served as a scribe to Joseph while he translated the Book of Mormon?

All of these individuals were scribes for a period of time.

Emma Smith, Martin Harris and Oliver Cowdery all spent time as a scribe for the prophet Joseph Smith.

Question #10 Who was the fourth president of the church?

Wilford Woodruff became the fourth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 7, 1889

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