missionary call

After introducing her friend to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a young woman now serving a mission in Japan was surprised to learn her friend would be serving a mission in the same country.

Brooke Lacey and Jason Sherrill met during their senior year of high school in Apple Valley, California, after Sherrill moved from Kansas. They quickly became friends, and Lacey invited Sherrill to LDS activities for youths.

While Sherrill wasn’t interested in the church at the time, he was interested in Lacey and spent time at her home. He watched the Lacey family read scriptures, hold family home evening and pray.

“Just prior to Brooke meeting Jason, our family had been specifically praying for missionary opportunities,” said Marc Lacey, Brooke’s father. “I often joked as their friendship and relationship progressed that I hadn’t planned for the missionary opportunity to come in the form of a teenage boy, but it did.”

However, Marc Lacey could relate; at the age of 16, Marc was introduced to the LDS Church by a girl he was interested in, and he served a mission in Pennsylvania when he was 19.

Sherrill’s interest in the church grew, and he was baptized just after his 18th birthday. Shortly after that, Brooke Lacey received her call to serve in the Japan Tokyo Mission. She left in January 2015, and Sherrill submitted his own mission papers in June 2015.

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