10 Hilarious Gifs that Only Mormons Will Understand


When you see someone getting attacked online for standing up for the church.

When you are asked if you did your home teaching last month

How we feel when we read the book of Isaiah

When we hear anything remotely funny during General Conference

When we check in on our kids in nursery


When we are running a few minutes behind like we normally do when all of a sudden we realize we are giving the opening prayer

When the Deacons think they are being funny but they are just being gross

How our Sunday School teacher reacts when we use technology in class

When people ask us if we still practice polygamy


Trying to finish my talk Sunday morning

Random non-LDS Bonus Gif:

Every time I cook bacon



The acronym for this necklace is taken from 2 Nephi 9:39
(to be spiritually minded is life eternal “SMILE”) and is a perfect reminder of how we can be spiritually minded
(just smile!).
A perfect gift for a friend, mother, daughter or youth group.


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