Alex Boye Kills it on America’s Got Talent – What Howie Mandel Says to Him, Brings Him To Tears

Alex Boye on America's Got Talent


Howie Mandel Lavishes Praises on Alex Boye

Well it’s really no surprise for many of us who have already avidly follow Alex Boye already but Tuesday night Alex was able to showcase his talents on the national stage on America’s Got Talent. Alex’s cover of Shake it Off had the crowd dancing and completely energized the room (video is at the bottom of this post).

After the performance, Howie Mandel told Alex:

Alex, Alex…I stood up at the end so did everybody but I can’t shake it off. I have to be honest with you, in my six years here, this is my favorite music act ever.

You could immediately tell that Howie’s comment deeply touched Alex as he started to get a bit emotional and tear up.

Here were some of the tweets about the performance.


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