11 Moments That Describe Growing Up as a Mormon

Having your parents yell at you to get everything cleaned up because the home teachers are on their way to the house.



Having Ensigns everywhere

ensigns lds

No sleepovers on Saturday

no means no

Not dating until your 16 and constantly having to explain why to your friends who are not Mormon.

giphy (1)

When your best friend volunteers you for a prayer


Turning 21 and realizing that there really isn’t anything that you can do now that you couldn’t do before.


As a young adult, hearing 5098340985230948 talks about getting married


Having your parents help you with your prayers

parent whispering in child's ear

and then you realize they didn’t brush their teeth that morning

Getting ready to eat breakfast just to have your parents remind you that it’s Fast Sunday

My reaction when I'm about to eat breakfast and my wife reminds me it's Fast Sunday




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