Mission Moments brings you 11 Gifs That Mormons Will Understand All Too Well



Your Sunday School teacher keeps on talking about food on Fast Sunday


When somebody asks us to explain Isaiah

HxFv8i2 - Imgur

When our parents accuse us of being overly dramatic at church

When people accuse us of being a cult


When we heard about the rumor that Elder Scott was leaving the church


How we feel when we see food on Fast Sunday

how we feel when we see food on fast sunday

How we feel after blessing our baby at church


When we show up to a service assignment and we’re the only ones there

service assignment

Our reaction when we drive by the San Diego Temple on the freeway

driving by the san diego temple on the freeway

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Going to the single’s ward for the first time after the mission

you attend the singles ward for the first time

You ask a girl to dance at a stake dance and she says no

dance and she says no

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