Shooter dead, pregnant woman injured after shoot-out began at LDS stake center

Shooting at Arizona Stake Center




EAGAR, Arizona — An Arizona man is dead and two others injured — including a pregnant woman — after he began shooting at a LDS stake center in Eagar, Arizona, and later at his residence, officials say.

According to Richard Guinn of the Apache County Sheriff’s Office, the shooter, identified as Eric Robinson, 40, of Eagar, began firing at the stake center, which is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on Saturday May 23. A woman inside the foyer called 911 at which point Robinson left in his truck, Guinn said.

After police responded to the scene, Robinson returned to the stake center and began shooting at police officers and people exiting the building, officials said. A pregnant woman was hit in the shoulder and an officer, identified as Jason Casillas, sustained a grazing head wound during the incident.

Robinson then fled the scene with authorities in pursuit, Guinn said. He went to his residence and ran inside, then began shooting at police when they arrived. At that point, Robinson allegedly exited his home and advanced towards police while continuing to fire his weapon. Police returned fire, hitting him and knocking him to the ground, authorities said.

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