5 Things You Should Or Shouldn’t Do At Dances



1: Ask people to dance.

Youth at Stake or Regional Dances shouldn’t just go to eat cookies. (Although they are pretty delicious 🙂 ) Youth should go and make friends at these dances. Odds are you won’t make that many friends just sitting at the dessert table eating all the cookies. (You will probably make more enemies because we all love cookies.) Girls, ask guys to dance. Trust me, we appreciate being asked to dance by all you beautiful daughters of God. Guys, same goes for you! Don’t sit there and stare at all the girls who would love to be asked to dance.

2: Don’t throw people into mosh pits.

don't touch me
I don’t know about most of your dances, but at my regional dances we have mosh pit dances where we circle around and watch and cheer the person in the middle on. Do not push someone into that! There is a reason that they don’t want to be there. They might be shy and worry about people making fun of them. Be kind to all of the youth there and don’t force them into situations they don’t want to be in.

3: No PDA.

I cannot stress this enough. NO PDA!!!! It isn’t enjoyable for the rest of us to watch. If you want to display your affection for each other, please go somewhere else. We go to dances to have fun, not watch couples be all over each other.

4: Dance.

just dance
Yes, I already mentioned dancing, but this time I mean line and fast dances. The dances are supposed to be for our enjoyment. Don’t just go to eat whatever dessert they are serving. Dancing is something super fun to do at the Youth Dances. Find a group to go into, you don’t have to be all alone. The dances are so much more fun if you find a group of people and mess around with them and make up your own dance move.

5: Have Fun!

These dances are supposed to be super fun for all of us! I mean, who wouldn’t have fun going and being with all of your friends for a few hours. The dances are a lot of fun if you go and dance, ask others to dance, and keep the spirit with you. These dances will always be something you will remember. You never know, you might find that special someone as well! 🙂


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