12 Misconceptions Mormons Want to Clear Up Right Now

We Don’t All Live In Utah

Though many of those who live in Utah are Mormons, there are more Mormons living outside the United States than within it.

Mormon Misconceptions


We Don’t Practice Polygamy

 polygamy Misconceptions of Mormons

We Are Not Amish

Mormons are not Amish

Mormons Can Dance…Again We’re Not Amish
Mormon missionary dance off

We Celebrate Christmas
Temple square christmas lights

Not All Mormons are Republicans

While many Mormons are Republicans, Mormons span the entire political spectrum.


We Don’t Worship Joseph Smith

While we do believe he was called of God to be a prophet, we don’t worship him. The same holds true for our current prophet today Thomas S. Monson

How old is President Monson

The Bible is Part of Our Canon of Scriptures Because We Believe In It.

If want to learn more about our other beliefs, here is a great link on the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


We are Christians
Mormon LDS Meme Funny (3)

We believe in Jesus Christ…yes that Jesus Christ


We Can Use Technology.

In fact, we use it incredibly well.


Mormons Can Be Found in All Industries From Entry Level Workers to Top Notch CEOs and Public Figures.

If you would like to learn more about Mormons from everyday Mormons, check out Mormon.org or you can contact us here on this post.
Famous Mormons

On Monday, A Brand New Twitter Account Featuring Mormons Will be Live Tweeting About Their Experiences as Mormons and Answering Questions From Other People Not of Faith About What It’s Like Being Mormon. If You’re On Twitter, Make Sure To Go Follow @Ask_Mormons


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