Review of “How Beautiful Thy Temples – Sacred Hymns, Vol. II” by Garth Smith

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Garth Smith is a talented pianist and one that we have loved working with over the years. We absolutely loved “Sacred Hymns” that he had previously produced and with “How Beautiful Thy Temples – Sacred Hymns II”, he doesn’t disappoint. The beautiful arrangement brings the listener an incredible sense of peace and clarity in an ever increasing busy world around us. The arrangements flow naturally and brings with them all of the inspirational power of the originals hymns you have come to know and love.

There is nothing that brings the spirit into a home quite like a beautifully arranged piano hymn and Garth does a tremendous job of allowing his work to create this environment for the listener.

Whether you are driving in your car or listening to the song in your kitchen, your soul will be uplifted and your spirit brighten with these beautifully arranged songs of praise. Sacred Hymns II is an exceptional follow up to Sacred Hymns and is guaranteed to bring you comfort and inspiration throughout your day.

If you haven’t listened to any of Garth’s music, what are you waiting for? If you look at any of his reviews for his music, they all say the same wonderful things about his music and how happy they are to have his peaceful renditions in their homes.

We definitely give “How Beautiful Thy Temples – Sacred Hymns, Vol. II” a      / 5 SMILE review.

To check out the new release and purchase a copy, go to Garth Smith’s Website.

Also to find out about booking (no charge) Garth’s Christ-centered fireside “The Hymns: Another Witness of Jesus Christ”, click on this link to his Artist Facebook page

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