How Mormon Missionaries are Like Jedis

Jedi Missionaries


*Thanks to LDS Missionaries for pointing out this article*
As a missionary we often would talk about how Missionaries were like the Jedi, it was even brought up in a Zone Conference, one of the Assistants said “President Wilkey is like Yoda, listen to him”. At lunch everyone talked about how Missionaries are like Jedi. Today is “May the 4th be with you” aka Star Wars day. Here are a few ways that Missionaries are like Jedi, if I missed one, add it in the comments, and I’ll update this!

Over arching power

The Jedi have the force.
Missionaries have the Spirit.

Dress code

Jedi have a dress code, most of them wear “Jedi robes”.
Missionaries have a dress code, and also wear “robes”.


The Jedi receive training at the Jedi Temple.
Missionaries receive training at Mormon Temples.


Jedi when they need insight from the “force” they go meditate in the “meditation room” (in the Jedi Temple).
When Missionaries need insight from the Spirit they Pray, and if they can they go to the Celestial room (in a Mormon Temple).


Jedi have ranking, Youngling, Padawan Apprentice, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Council Member, and Grand Master.
Missionaries have Leadership. Trainee, Jr companion, Sr companion, Trainer, District Leader, Zone Leader, Sister Training Leader and Assistants to the President, and the Mission President.

Trainee (Greenie) = Youngling
Jr companion = Padawan
Sr companion = Jedi Knight
Trainer/District Leader = Jedi Master
Zone Leader/Sister Training Leader and Assistant are all parts of the “Mission Leadership Council” = Jedi Council Members,
Mission President = Grand Master.

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