Our Hirschsprung’s Baby and Our Experience at Intermountain LDS Hospital

*This post is sponsored by Intermountain LDS Hospital but is our real testimonial of our experience there*


Every mom loves to tell their experience of the day their children were born. That is a day that is so full of different emotions, fear, excitement, pain, and mostly joy! I have three children and I have learned first hand that the hospital you choose to deliver at can change the entire experience.

When John and I were having our first baby, we figured that all hospitals were created equally and decided to go to the hospital that was closest to our house. This was not an Intermountain Hospital and even though we were so happy to have our sweet little girl, the experience was not a very pleasant one, especially for a first time mom that had no idea what she was doing. After my surgery my baby was taken up to the nursery for about 4 hours before I was able to hold her. I remember feeling so anxious about why she couldn’t be with me and I was starting to worry if there was something wrong. There were never any nurses available to help me with the questions that I had, and I left the hospital in so much pain that lasted for several months after my C-section.

So when it came to our second baby, we did our research and found that LDS Hospital had great reviews. As we started asking around to friends and family it was hands down the most referred hospital. So even though it was a little bit more of a drive, we decided to go there and I am so grateful we did.

My experience at LDS Hospital was nothing but amazing. I had decided with my doctor to try a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) I spent 12 hours that day trying with very little success at progressing in labor. During those 12 hours the nurses were not only available at any time but constantly making sure my every need was taken care of. And not only did they do everything they could for me, they made sure John was comfortable and doing great as the husband and father! In a situation that could have been scary and uncomfortable, I never once felt this way because of the friendly nurses that were able to put everyone in the room at ease.

Sadly after 12 hours of trying and not progressing at all, the doctors decided I needed to proceed with the C-section. Even though I was so sad, I had several nurses, medical staff, doctors, and even the anesthesiologist support me and help me feel so much better about having to go through this operation. I remember feeling nervous that they would take the baby and I wouldn’t get to see him for several hours like the first baby but I was so surprised and happy when they brought him right over to John and I and he never left our site. As soon as I was off the operating table, he was put on my bed with me in my arms and he stayed with me for the rest of the night!

About 24 hours later, our new little guy still had not had a bowel movement. I remember that two doctors came intomason baby my room and explained to me that they were concerned and they needed to send him to Primary Children’s Hospital to see what was wrong. Even though this was devastating news, I felt like these doctors truly cared about my son and about me. They were so kind and thoughtful of my feelings that it helped ease the fear that John and I were both feeling. The nurses pushed me in a wheelchair so I could go down to the ambulance where they would be transporting him. John went with the baby and I was left alone at the hospital to recover from my c-section.

I can’t believe the kindness that was given to me by the staff at LDS Hospital. Never once did I feel alone. The nurses treated me so great. Even though I didn’t have a baby with me over the next three days, they came in and not only took care of my physical needs but they helped me emotionally by talking to me, sitting in my room with me so I wasn’t alone, and telling me everything they could to comfort me. I really felt like they were friends.

My sweet little baby boy was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease. This is a disease that affects the intestinal tract where the nerves do not develop. There’s no sugar coating it, it was a hard and trying time for us and him. However, after a long 6 months of different procedures and a couple of surgeries later, he was back to being a healthy happy little boy! It was only 16 months later that we had our third baby at LDS Hospital and I remember we were anxiously awaiting her first bowel movement, and when it finally happened all the nurses celebrated with us! The staff was so excited about the baby girl that pooped!!

I think of my experience of the day that Mason was born and the day he went into the children’s hospital and the emotion that comes to mind is love and kindness. I know that is because we were at LDS Hospital. I am so grateful to the staff that treated my family like they would treat their own.

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