30 Signs That You Grew Up Mormon

30 Signs that You Grew Up Mormon

1 – If you have ever debated whether or not chewing gum is breaking a fast



2 – If you have ever asked on a regular basis whether or not a drink was caffeine free

Share a caffeine free coke with a mormon

3 – If you have ever been in a debate about whether or not Coke is against the Word of Wisdom


4 – If you were looking forward to turning 16 and it had nothing to do with getting a driver’s license

turning 16 as a mormon going on a date

5 – You love hearing about famous people who grew up Mormon


6 – You love to see the temple

39 LDS Temples beautiful - Scott Jarvie (11)

7 – You memorized the hymn “I am a Child of God”
i am a child of god

8 – You love highlighting Scriptures


9 – You have accidentally ended a non church meeting with “in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”



10- You understand the reference of being a “10 Cow Wife”

10 cow wife mormon meme

11- You love General Conference because you don’t have to go to church but you always fall asleep during it

sleeping during lds mormon general conference

12- You absolutely loved Napoleon Dynamite
napolean dynamite dancing gif

13- You took pride in being a “peculiar people”

mormons peculiar people

14- You’ve heard heard this term ad nauseam


15- This….

When You want to leave church but your mom keeps talking Mormon church

16- Your parents remind you that it’s Fast Sunday

My reaction when I'm about to eat breakfast and my wife reminds me it's Fast Sunday

17- It’s perfectly normal that all of your friends have more than 2 siblings.

decal displaying a lot of kids from a byu grad in utah

18- You talk non-stop about YW Camp, EFY or Trek


19- It’s all about group dates

Group dates lds mormon

20- You loved Studio C


21- Loved doing baptism for the dead


22- Loved going to Stake dances


23- You have a whole notebook on inspiring quotes


24- Your conversations usually start off like this with friends who are not members of the church

princess bride you know you grew up mormon if

25- You can’t find a modest dress for prom

modest prom dress for mormons

26- You yell the words during the primary program

primary program lds mormons

27- This is you when you have 9 o’clock church

9 o'clock church mormons

28- That awkward silence during Sunday School


29- Not being allowed to play with your friends on Sunday


30- Growing up idolizing Nephi and Captain Moroni more than any of the super heroes




What are some things that we are missing? Let us know in the comments below

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