If You Are Struggling Today With OCD or Depression, Then There’s Something You Need to Read





He_Delivered_Even_Me_5134375          He Delivered Even Me, He Will Deliver Even You is an amazing book written by Misti Stevenson. Did you grow up believing you had a normal childhood then all of a sudden things in your life just go crazy? Have you ever felt that every physical movement could potentially be a debilitating enemy that your brain would replay over and over again? Have you ever tried talking to your parents about it just to have them completely overlook the issue? Have you ever tried to live this way for 23 years?

Well that was the exact situation Misti found herself in. This is her story of suffering through OCD, anxiety and depression and eventually being healed after going through years of struggling, praying and counseling.

I loved reading her story because while though I haven’t personally had OCD or depression, so many of her experiences are relatable to anyone who is struggling to find hope or who is trying to find their way. It’s an incredibly inspiring book and one that is candidly open and shares a personal story that can help transform generations to come. This book has helped me to understand that the choices and experiences we have today truly shapes not only our lives but extends to all of our posterity.

Some others have shared very similar experiences with the book as well. Christ Stewart, author of The Great adn Terrible Series wrote:

Misti Stevenson has done a remarkable job of personalizing a great story
that could offer comfort and hope to an untold number of people.

Jennifer Griffith, author of Big in Japan wrote:

“Misti’s journey through the darkness and into the light is engrossing, filled with candid details of her pain, until her ultimate triumph over this awful affliction through her faith in Christ. Whether or not the reader suffers from OCD, Misti’s heartfelt story will uplift and inspire to seek the Savior’s grace in overcoming any personal trials.”

If you would like to check out this amazing book, you can find it at Deseret Book.

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