When You Mess With the Mormons You Get This….

lds general conference dissenters 4


Everyone is talking about the dissenting votes yesterday at conference. While I don’t particularly care to talk about the dissenters very much a quick thought about those who dissent. Those who oppose will always be around. Always have and always will be whether they physically manifest it during an LDS General Conference or simply within the privacy of their own hearts. Haters gonna hate…

They have never been successful in the past and they won’t be successful in the future. There are too many other important issues in the church, our families and in the world around us that deserve our time, energy and attention. They really don’t deserve the energy and effort we put into talking about them.

That being said, if there is a lesson to be learned from this whole experience…if you mess with the Mormons…we will bring a whirlwind of social media flurry on you and it looks something like this…

lds general conference

















LDS General Conference Dissenters




LDS General Conference Dissenters 1




lds general conference dissenters 3







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