Love Yard Sales? You’re Going to Love This!

Yard Sales Utah

Utah Yard

If you live in Utah and love yard sales, you’re gonna love Utah Yard It is a website designed to make advertising and finding yard sales easier than its ever been. The database and search function allow you to list and search sales based on location (zip, city, county) and types of items being sold. It’s Google Maps integrated so you’ll be able to actually get directions to every sale listed. Sales also automatically drop off the site after the listed date passes and dates are clearly listed in every profile. No more pouring through hundreds of KSL listings, writing down addresses and THEN Google Mapping them.

The website is up and ready but we’ve also got something big coming very soon. I am having an app built that will take things one step further. Rather than just having Google Maps give you directions, the app will allow for one touch, GPS navigation to any listed yard sale. It will automatically input the addresses in to your phone’s default navigation app and give you turn by turn instructions to the sales you want to hit. The app and the website will share a database so anything posted on the website will automatically appear in the app. The app will be called Yard Sale Finder.

Check out the video below to see even more information on this cool new site and app or just check it out for yourself..

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