Editor’s Note: For those who don’t know, MRW stands for “my reaction when”

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MRW someone who has never read the Book of Mormon starts bashing it

read the book

MRW trying to read 2 Nephi


MRW I get home from church on Fast Sunday


MRW after I bless my newborn child at church


MRW as a Sunbeam, I am trying to get a drink from the water fountain.

Things Only Mormons Will Understand (12)

MRW as a deacon, someone gets hurt at a mutual activity

things only mormons will understand (1)

MRW my friend who is not a Mormon, stands up for my beliefs


MRW girls comes up to me at EFY and ask if I want to dance

Things Only EFY Kids Will Know

MRW I come home after church and check the crock-pot and realize that I forgot to turn it on


MRW I am the only one that shows up for a service assignment

things only mormons would understand (1)

MRW my parents try to wake me up for early morning seminary

Things Only Mormons Will Understand (10)

MRW I show up to my first stake dance

Things Only Mormons Will Understand (11)

MRW I see my friend in the congregation when I’m about to give a talk

things only mormons will understand (9)

MRW I try to go out in public with the deacons in my ward

things only mormons will understand (4)

MRW my kids are trying to talk to me after church and I’m trying to get lunch ready


MRW my Sunday School teacher has to leave and leaves me in charge

I'm the captain

MRW I’m mad at my friends for not being reverent and they keep making me laugh


MRW my friend volunteers me for the prayer