Mormon Missions…Summed up in Gifs

You’ll be anxiously waiting for your call…



And when you first get to the MTC you will kind of feel like this…


Then you start learning everything that you need to know and then start to feel more like this…


But then you’ll get to the cafeteria and will eat like this.


You will finally get to go out to the field and get started…


After your first couple months of proselyting, physically you kind of feel like…


And there will be days when you wake up frustrated, beat down and feel like you are waking up to the same turmoil that existed before.



You will have times where you feel like you can’t do this.


But you have those amazing, break through moments. Perhaps it will be with your investigator or your companion…either way they will thank you for the work you are doing.



More importantly, you will have those deeply, spiritual moments as well…where you know that God lives, He knows you, loves you and believes in you


And you realize all of the amazing things you can do with His help and guidance


Satan will constantly try to bring you down…but you’ll be able to respond with

giphy (1)

And you’ll realize all of the great and wonderful things you have done for others and yourself.

get (5)

And come home with a deeper, more personal relationship with your Heavenly Father and Christ


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