TV Host Runs into Missionaries During ‘Only Say Yes’ Experiment – Amazing Story Comes About


Editor’s Note: A new Flemish TV show called “Ja Jan” follows a man who commits to say “yes” to every question for 60 days. Find out what happened when he ran into Mormon missionaries. Thanks to LDS Living for sharing

In a new Flemish TV show entitled Ja Jan, a TV host commits to say “yes” to every question asked of him for 60 days.

Including when he ran into two Mormon missionaries.

Episode 4 of the show, which aired on January 26th, follows Jan as he flips a coin leaving his house to determine the direction he’ll walk that day. As luck would have it, he drops the coin, which then rolls to a stop on tails–directing him to walk forward instead of to the right.

As he walks, who should he find but a pair of American missionaries in a nearby square? Noticing that they speak English, he decides to cross over to them and asks, “You come from a America? Why are you here?”

Elder Argueta, the missionary he picks out of the crowd, answers, “Yeah. I’m here to share the gospel with people, share a little bit about Jesus Christ, and also serve people.”

Jan explains that he’s making a new TV program where he says “Yes” to everything–and Elder Argueta doesn’t let that opportunity slip by. He asks Jan if he can come and share a message with him at a later time. Of course, Jan says “yes.”


To read the rest of the story and to view the episode, check it out at LDS Living

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