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  1. Ok, so my husband and I just each got 60% on our own, then we took it WITH OUR SCRIPTURES, looking up all the answers, and still only got 70%. This quiz is rigged! The only one we couldn’t verify with certainty was the mammoth one. Oh, and a Shiblon is a NEPHITE COIN, so there is no correct answer to that question.

    1. It’s a measurement of currency, not actual currency itself. Their system of weights and measures weren’t too different from what the ancient Egyptians used, which was pretty similar. Also, cool thing, this system of weights is still used in south american today. Coincidence? I think not.

    2. Yes but the options were Lamanite coin or Nephite measurement. One could argue currency is a form of measurement or the weight thing Ryan said.

    3. If you have a 1980s edition of the BoM that was published earlier than last year, then the chapter heading for Alma 11 is misleading. It stated that Nephite coinage is set forth, but in the very latest editions (including online) it states that the Nephite monetary system was set forth. The distinction is important because many ancient societies didn’t use coins (including Israelite, Egyptian, Mayan, etc.), and the text itself doesn’t specify that the measures were coins. Therefore it is more correct to leave it open to either possibility.

  2. BTW, the 2nd to last question is poorly worded. The sermon takes up all those chapters; it should ask in which chapter the sermon starts.

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