Hilarious Stories of LDS Members Pranking Each Other

We do a lot of interaction on our FB page and we wanted to say thanks to everyone who shared their stories with us. Below are some of our favorites:


I’ve been trying to get my husband to stay awake at church and so I post photos of my husband when he falls asleep and then post it on social media. It hasn’t worked out so well but at least we all get a laugh out of it.


Closing Prayer

It was fast and testimony meeting and my brothers friend who was sitting with us fell asleep. After about 3 testimonies there was a long lull. So my brother nudged his friend and said “bishop just called on you to give the closing prayer” so he got up said the closing prayer and came and sat down. After which the bishop got up and said “that was lovely, I would like to officially reopen this testimony meeting for the remainder of the hour.”

Door Wall Protector

Simple prank, I just replaced the door wall protector and duct taped an air horn to the wall and when my mom came home…lets just say she was scared out of her wits. 🙂


We had FHE in our singles ward and afterwards we decided to pull a prank on a friend of mine. I told him we would buy him a slushee and what we did was place a straw into a ketchup packet and then stuck the packet into the slushee. The look on his face when slurped up ketchup was hilarious! We were laughing so hard.

Gas Trap

My wife and I jokingly harass each other a lot. One of my favorite things to do is when I’m driving, I’ll pass gas but then I’ll turn on the child window locks as well so she can’t roll down the windows.

Ward Activity

We were supposed to bring some caramel apples for the ward activity we were having. We decided we would have some fun with it as well. What we did is instead of covering the apples with caramel, we covered raw onions. You couldn’t even tell the difference but you definitely could tell after you took a big bite of the onion. Just to let everyone know though, we did bring real caramel apples after the prank.


And Here are just some bonus gifs of pranks done to other people


















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