Mormon Baby Names: Traditions and trends

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Maybe it’s because we’re kind of different to begin with that Mormons love oddball baby names. We’re taught from day one to be “in the world but not of the world” and that apparently applies to the way we name our kids as well. While this holds true to Mormons all over the U.S, you’ll find the most outlandish baby names in the intermountain West: Utah and southern Idaho in particular. I have met children named Wrangler, Smokey, Mersadie, Corporate (for a girl), Maverix, Jenedy, Silver, Xacian, Versailles, Rafter, and—I kid you not—R2.

But Mormons still want to fit in, hence the popularity of names that sound normal, but whose spellings are anything but: Payzlee, Djaryd, Jaymz, Myrical and Jrake.

Even among Utah baby names, though, there are trends. Boys’ names lean heavily towards two syllable names ending with –er, –en and –ton. While mainstream names like Jayden remain popular, it’s really better to pick something a little more unusual. Truxton perhaps? Decken, Nyler, Kyson, Teyton, Zyker, and Trusen have all been chosen for babies recently.

Girls’ names almost always have a letter y in them somewhere. Mormons love the letter y. Which explains the popularity of names that end with –ley (or more commonly –lee or –leigh), and names that end with –lyn: Kyzlee, Oaklyn, Tynslee, McCartlyn, Avonlie, Chandley, Skylynne. and Chasidee. Let’s not forget other girls’ names like Drakelle, Ezrie, Aubrielle, Swayzee, Taizel, Cambria, and Alivian.

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  1. I wrote this article! The least you could do is put my name on there instead of making it look like you wrote it yourself.

    –Hildie Westenhaver

    1. Our site utilizes snippet articles (look back at many of our articles) as is practiced by many other large websites i.e. LDS Living that directs traffic from our site to others. It’s our way of providing traffic to other website owner while building LDS SMILE.

      I understand if you would rather us not practice this in the future and unless otherwise directed, will not do so in the future with your site. If you would like us to take it down I can do that as well.

  2. This is blatant plagiarism. I read the original article on Nameberry and it wasn’t written by you. Have some balls and give credit where credit is due.

  3. I am LDS…I can’t ever see myself giving my kids any name like this…how are they going to be taken seriously when something like Kyzlee is on a job application against Catherine? Not saying all names need to be boring…but those are just so far out there…

  4. My kids names would be chosen with great care, pondering and the names will have a meaning to their name rather than to fit it.

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