9 Things Only Mormons Will Understand

When no one brings treats to FHE



When the young men are in charge of nursery for Relief Society and you go to pick up your kids




When you open up a bag of chips at the ward party





When you just got home off your mission and attend the Singles Ward for the first time

Coming home late and your parents are still up



When you’re a kid and you hear someone open up treats behind you in Sacrament Meeting

I hear someone opening up treats during Sacrament meeting




When your home teachers asks you if you’ll be home later that day and you tell them you are visiting family.

made that up





Looking back at the mess you made after a young men’s activity





When you take the bishop’s daughter on a date and you feel like he is constantly watching you





When the girl you’re dating tells you that she has decided to go on a mission





Random Bonus Gif: That moment when you realize you have never actually seen your forehead directly.


That Moment when you immediately looked up to try to look at your forehead after reading the last post

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